It's happening! Mindful Camino ...

So this little idea has been bubbling away for a while and the time has finally come to do something about it.

On the 1st of September I fly to Biarritz to walk the Camino de Santiago - Frances Route. It’s one of the worlds most famous walking trails and it stretches 791km from St Jean Pied de la Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I do realise this sounds completely nuts (!)

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I’m doing it for a few reasons:

1) I want to take mindfulness out on the move and show that we can be mindful literally ANYWHERE! We don’t need to just sit at home in lotus position meditating, we can be present and fully awake in our lives wherever we go!

2) I really want to raise some funds for two important charities:

Lyme Disease Action who raise awareness about this horrible disease (which had a profound impact on my life).


The Mindfulness in Schools Project because I believe that children need to learn this stuff. In this crazy busy world with smartphones and technology bombarding us everywhere we look we need to give children the tools to decompress!

3) And last but not least .. It’s a huge challenge and I want to see if I’ve got it in me to do it …

If you’re interested in supporting me I’d be so grateful! These are not massive charities and I’m hopeful that whatever we can raise will make a real difference to people’s lives.

Here are a couple of links to the charity fundraising pages:

Thank you for your support. I’m excited to get going and share the journey with you :)

More soon!

Kate x

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